The Desert

That desolate desert! So many times, from a spiritual perspective, we come to a place where we feel as though we are in a place of non-movement. We are stuck. I call this the desert. We feel lost, disoriented, out of sync. We are searching for something but we have no idea what it is we are searching for. As humans we become frustrated and we try to “make” things happen just so we don’t feel “stuck” anymore.

I call it the desert because for me it reminds me of being lost in a desert. You keep aimlessly wandering looking for a way out. Along the way you have mirages of pools of water that you run to only to find that there is no water, no sustenance.

It can be frustrating. It can be life changing.

I have been there many times over the years. At first I would find myself turning every rock I could find over, is this where I am suppose to be? Is this something under this rock that will take me out of here and get me moving again? I am here to tell you that this is normal! I know, if you are there, it does not feel normal. I know, if you are there, it is dark, cold and desolate and you feel very much alone. If you are there you are wondering “When will this end?”

I am a firm believer that when you shift your perspective you shift your world. I say this because I live it all the time. When you enable yourself to see things differently, step out of the way you were taught, step out of the thought processes that you allow to rule your world and open yourself up to seeing things from another point of view, everything shifts.

After a very long trip to the desert I had an awakening of sorts. My perspective shifted and since then I no longer fear the desolate desert.

Why? Because what I found was during the times I was lost in the desert I was not really lost. Instead it was a time of great growth. Everyone needs down time. Just as our physical bodies need rest so does our spiritual bodies. When we enter the desert we are not really lost but rather we are integrating, absorbing and growing but most importantly we are integrating all that we have learned.

The desert is where we find the lessons that have been offered during the situations we have faced.

The desert is where we build the strength we need to go into the next phase of learning.

The desert is where we find solace and mend our hearts when they have been hurt or broken.

The desert is where we prepare ourselves for the next leg of our journey.

The desert is where we look in the mirror and really, deeply, see ourselves for who we are and who we are becoming.

The desert is where we begin to dream again.

When you look at the desert in this way you soon realize that it is not a desolate desert at all but rather an oasis.

If you find yourself in the desert, take time to rest and recharge. Take a few deep breaths and instead of turning every rock over to find where you are suppose to be just allow yourself to sit and “be” – just “be” – don’t push, don’t fret, don’t stress, your way will be shown to you when it is time.

Just “be” and know This too shall pass!

In Her Service,