The Shadow

For years I have heard throughout many spiritual communities “Something big is coming.” Nobody seemed to be able to say what that “big” thing was but it was a repeated theme for several years. And then Donald Trump was elected President.

Over the last three and a half years the United States has been a lesson in chaos and upheaval. I believe that this is what was coming, this is the “big” everyone talked about.

What this presidency has done is expose the deepest of Shadows throughout the United States. It has been exhausting, frustrating, heartbreaking and revealing. It has knocked many of us off kilter, myself included.

Why? For myself, I have always believed that with all of the failings we as a people have there was an underlying sense of deep humanity. We cared about our fellow citizens. We were strong because we always came to the aide of those in need. Now, I cannot say that this is true. Now I look at my fellow citizens and I seriously just want to cry. Most days I prefer to scream to release my frustration and aggravation at what I am being shown.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are still many who care about their fellow humans. Not everyone has tossed their humanity aside. Yet, the shadow of this country has been exposed and it is a very ugly shadow. It is filled with hate. Hatred for anything “other.” Whether it be a person of color or someone that disagrees with an individual’s point of view. Our country is deeply divided.

We are literally looking in the mirror of a deep seeded hatred. We are facing our original sin of stealing the lands and murders of the indigenous people. We are facing the history that we have white washed so we did not look so bad of slavery and the truths of how we have not made it possible for people of color to have equal opportunities. We are facing the abhorrent truth that black men, women and children have to worry about whether they will be murdered just for being black. Add all of this to a pandemic that thus far has killed over 135,000 citizens with no relief in sight.

Many of us feel that this administration has abandoned the people of this country. It seems that their re-election is more important than the lives of the average working American.

Regardless of your view of the happenings of this country, in this moment in time, the truth is that we are facing what has been laying in the underbelly of our country for years. This shadow is not here timidly instead it is roaring and it is forcing each of us to look deeply within. It is forcing us to look and see what we have done to our fellow citizens. It is forcing us to see what we carry in our hearts. Do we carry hate and disgust towards each other or do we carry hope, love and a willingness to help our fellow humans regardless of their beliefs, sexual orientation, color of skin or preference in political party

I do not have a crystal ball to look into to see how we will come out of this time of chaos. I just know that we all have to look deep within to find who we are and then take the steps to make our country a better place.

We cannot blame it all on the president. He is the catalyst. These issues have been here and we have ignored them for years and years. We can hold him responsible for his actions or lack of actions but we must hold ourselves accountable for our reactions. We have the opportunity to come together despite the divisive rhetoric that he seems to bring forth every single day. We need to begin seeing past him and looking to each other to figure out how we are going to heal the shadows we are seeing.

Before we can come together though we have to look within. We need to understand why we feel the way we do about the issues we are facing. We need to understand how we have contributed to the culmination of each issue. We need to look within and hold ourselves accountable for our own actions that have contributed to the divisions and hateful rhetoric that we are all enduring.

The question becomes: Do we have the fortitude to do the work? I am no longer sure we do. I am holding on to hope though. I am hoping that we can begin to see through the smoke and mirrors and begin to take the steps we need to take to make the changes that are necessary. To show that we value EVERY life. To show that we value the very earth we walk on. To show that we are not the hate filled people that it seems we have become. I am holding out hope that hearts begin to open and healing begins.

In Her Service,