Who Am I?


I answer to a couple of names.  My favorite is Sage and that is what I will use here.  My given name is Beverly.

I am not one to put labels on myself.  Each is a role that I step into when I feel it is needed or necessary, some of the more every day roles I fulfill are daughter, sister, mother and grammie.

I have walked a pagan path for over twenty three years. I walk a path of Sister within the Sisterhood of Avalon and after some intense training I also walk a shamanic path.  My training as a shaman has been in the Peruvian/Andean path.

My ancestry is Welsh, Scottish, English, and Polish.  Very Celtic and Slavic yet I have and continue to strive to combine both my Celtic studies and path with my Peruvian training.  It is an adventure and actually a very fulfilling way of being.  The paths and teachings are very similar in many ways so it is not much of a stretch to work with them together. Each path brings it’s own beauty to my world and for this I am very thankful.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Science and am working on my Master’s Degree.  I am ultimately striving for a PhD.

I have trained and am a practicing Reiki Master.

I am an ordained minister.

I am a proverbial student of life and have many interests.  I am currently working on becoming a certified herbalist and have a deep interest in aromatherapy.

Ultimately, I am just me.  I walk my path, I live my life with Spirit at my center. My patron Goddess is Cerridwen.  She guides me through life’s challenges. I also work with Rhiannon, Bloudewedd, Arianrhod, Branwen and Pachamama. Although my path is more Goddess centered I also honor Inti Tayta as the Sun God as well as our Mother Moon (mama killa) and my star brothers and sisters as well as doing deep ancestral work.

I have seen, over the years, my gifts expand and become more prominent in my workings and life.  I hear, see and feel souls on the other side.  I also help those leaving this plane cross over to the other side.  I am an empath and although it is a great gift at times it feels more like a curse.  I wouldn’t change it though and am thankful for each gift that presents itself.

I live my life and do what I am called to do.  This blog is about the trials I face, the gifts I am able to share and by reading it you will know my deep inner thoughts and heart.

May our journey together be a blessing for all…

In Her Service,